Why choose A Cultivated Garden for your project?

Laurel Polkosnik, the Proprietor of A Cultivated Garden, has been designing and building gardens for more than 20 years. Recently, Laurel has moved her business focus to Landscape Design, Installation Project Management and Horticultural Consultation services, exclusively.  While no longer installing and maintaining gardens, Laurel's breadth of experience in the design, installation and long-term health of landscapes is a winning combination for her clients.

After graduating with honors with a Diploma in Horticulture and Landscape Design, Laurel worked at the National Capital Commission and enjoyed contributing to some of our nation's heritage estates and gardens.  

She started her own company in 1993, immediately launching into the design and build service area.  The company expanded into the maintenance service area with an emphasis on garden health.  Appropriate tree and shrub pruning and soil conditioning are cornerstones of the company's philosophy of sustainable landscaping practices.

Laurel expresses her experience in landscape design and installation as eclectic.  She has implemented designs ranging from small pocket gardens and balcony gardens to large multi-acre estates.  Her clients' focus has ranged from low-maintenance entertainment spaces to edible and bio-diverse gardens.

Whatever her clients' needs, Laurel is confident that she can help her clients to realize their garden dreams.

Tel:  604.753.8849
Email:  info@ACultivatedGarden.com
A Cultivated Garden

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